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Dr. Berkson has been in practice for four decades, with an emphasis on hormones, nutrition, digestion, and environmental science. Dr. Berkson is considered one of the thought leaders of functional medicine and was a hormone scholar at Tulane University, The Center for Bioenvironmental Research. Dr. Berkson is a professor to MDs and pharmacists at A4M and PCCA - higher board certification courses to become functional practitioners.

Dr. Berkson formulated the first female nutraceutical line for physicians in the U.S. and holds a patent with Dr. J.V. Wright on bioidentical hormones. Dr. Berkson also holds another collaborative patent on a drug for dialysis and diabetic patients. She is a research fellow with Health Sciences Collegium and has collaborated and published original research on dialysis and nutrition with The University of Texas Medical School at Houston and Bryan Nathan, PhD.

Dr. Berkson pioneered the concept of “green pregnancies” and the unappreciated role of hormones and the gut. She is considered the North American expert on oxytocin applications in clinical practice and has lectured and written on oxytocin for over a decade, as published in the Townsend Letter.

Ranel Larsen, PharmD, RPh, PCCA Clinical Compounding Pharmacist

Ranel A. Larsen, PharmD, RPh, PCCA clinical compounding pharmacist, is a graduate of the Roseman University School of Pharmacy, where she obtained her Doctor of Pharmacy in 2006. After working in retail pharmacy for three years, Ranel transitioned to a compounding-only pharmacy, where she worked for over four years. Ranel joined PCCA in April 2014. Her areas of interest include: HRT for men and women, veterinary medicine, pain management and dermatology.

Pamela Smith, MD, MPH, MS

Pamela Wartian Smith, M.D., MPH, MS spent her first twenty years of practice as an emergency room physician with the Detroit Medical Center and then the next twenty years as an Anti-Aging/Functional Medicine specialist.  She is a diplomat of the Board of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Physicians and is an internationally known speaker and author on the subject of Metabolic, Anti-Aging and Functional Medicine. She also holds a Master’s in Public Health Degree along with a Master’s Degree in Metabolic and Nutritional Medicine. She has been featured on CNN, PBS, and many other television networks, has been interviewed in numerous consumer magazines, and has hosted two of her own radio shows. She is a regular contributor for Fox News Radio. Dr. Smith is currently the Director of the Center for Personalized Medicine and the founder of The Fellowship in Anti-Aging, Regenerative, and Functional Medicine. Dr. Smith is also the co-director of the Master’s Program in Metabolic and Nutritional Medicine at the Morsani College of Medicine, University of South Florida. In addition, she is the Director of Medical Education for the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. She is the author of the best-selling books, HRT: The Answers, Vitamins Hype or Hope, Demystifying Weight Loss, What You Must Know About Vitamins, Minerals, Herbs & More, What You Must Know about Women’s Hormones, Why You Can’t Lose Weight., and What You Must Know About Memory Loss and How You Can Stop It, What You Must Know About Thyroid Disorders,  and What You Must Know About Allergy Relief, of which she is a co-author. Her newest book: What You Must Know About Autoimmune Diseases, is scheduled to come out this fall.