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Smith Rexall Drug helps Utahns in Pleasant Grove, Lehi, and throughout the state receive access to medications, supplements and have your questions answered by a knowledgeable and friendly pharmacy team.  Come visit the best compound pharmacy in Utah. Do you have a question? Learn more here on our website, or come in and ask our team about your health concerns.

Hormone Therapy Flip Card

Hormone Therapy

Unbalanced hormones can really throw your life off course. Get back to feeling like yourself with Hormone Replacement Therapy.

Stress Relief Flip Card

Stress Relief

Sometimes your body needs a little extra support to manage stress. Help your body out with our many stress relief options!

Skin Care Flip Card

Skin Support

Give rough, infected, or irritating skin problems the boot with our scientifically-backed supplements and customized medications!

Immune Booster Flip Card

Immunity Boosts

Support your body's immune system with a healthy lifestyle, and give it the immune boosters it needs.

Sinus Treatment Flip Card

Sinus Treatment

Breathing should be easy. If you’re ready to reclaim your full lung capacity, we have sinus treatments that open your airways up without wrecking your gut health.

Gut Health Flip Card

Gut Health

If your gut's not happy, the rest of you isn't happy either, right? Fixing it means improving your gut biome, which helps you digest and absorb your food better, ward off infection, and facilitate better communication between your gut and brain.

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chamomile tea a natural anxiety remedy


We get it. Anxiety’s a pain. It’s a little more than the nervousness you might feel before, say, giving a public speech, and a little less than full-on panic. It might make you feel out of control and certainly adds a layer of difficulty and emotional fatigue to your everyday life. Thankfully, though, we’re here…
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menopause supplements


You’d think that, by now, someone would have written the conclusive manual on how to handle menopause. I mean, women around the world have experienced it for millenia, right? Some people have tried, like Dr. Christiane Northrup with her Wisdom of Menopause book. In fact, there are a lot of books on menopause. But no…
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We offer consistent, accurate and safe pharmaceuticals, supplements, and treatments for ENT patient, chronic Sinus, and hormone replacement.

We believe in helping you wherever you're at and that includes natural and individualized approaches to your health.

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Chris Cox Pharmacist Smith Rexall


Chris Cox enjoys serving our customers as an owner and pharmacist. He is friendly, knowledgeable, and passionate about health, and embodies leadership and innovation.
Our newest addition to the pharmacy team, Logan Spence is an excellent compounding pharmacist with a calm and easy-going nature. He runs the lab and oversees logistics.
Shay feels right at home in the pharmacy as a health enthusiast. Passionate about providing the body the building blocks it needs, he is our go-to and supplement expert.
As the lead pharmacist, Logan has been with Smith Rexall Drug since he was 14 years old. Known for his loyalty and good sense of humor, Logan knows how to get things done.


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