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George Leroy Smith (known as "Roy") began in the drug store business while he was still in high school, about 1910.


The store was called Pleasant Grove Drug and was located across the street from it's current location.


Smith Drug is the oldest family owned business in Pleasant Grove, Utah.


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Smith Drug Circa early 1900's


When Roy first began working he washed prescription bottles and made ice cream.


He was made manager of the store at a young age because of his hard work and dedication to the community.


Pictures of when the store was Hedquist Drug


Hedquist Drug bought the store in 1915 and Roy continued as the store's manager.


In 1917 the store moved across the street to it's current location and Roy received his pharmacy license that same year.


In 1929, Roy bought the store from Hedquist Drug. The store remained Hedquist Drug until 1935 when the name was changed to Smith Drug.



The store has always been family oriented and Roy's brother, Burton helped operate the store until his death in 1932.


Picture of Edna and Bert Smith

The store had an entry in the Strawberry Days parade right from the very beginning. Roy was a charter member of the Pleasant Grove Chamber of Commerce and was active in that group his entire life.


Strawberry Days Float Pictures

It was not only the Smith men who worked at the drug store. Roy's wife Avis was an integral part of the store.


The family tradition continued when Roy passed away in 1962 and the store was passed down to Roy's two sons, Harvey E. Smith and Don L. Smith. Harvey obtained his pharmacy degree from Idaho State College at Pocatello in 1938. Don worked his entire life at the store except for 6 years he served in the military. Don's wife Betty worked there for many years. Harvey's wife, Jo was also known to lend a helping hand. In 1943 the store was remodeled and extended.


The store's soda fountain was a social gathering place in those early days. Many would gather at the drugstore after ball games and dances. Ball players were often treated to a malt after the games. In those days a thick malt cost only 10 cents.


One of the favorite drinks made there was the "wild horse", which contained iron port, cherry, coke, a little lemon, and root beer.


The Smith's made their own ice cream and had an ice house in the back of the store.


Back then the store was open from 7:30 am to 11 pm and only closed for a half day for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

The store was the first in town to sell radios and Victrolas. At one time they even sold boats, motors, alcohol, and diamond rings. During the Depression, and for some time after, a business had to do everything it could to stay afloat during hard times.


The store has always offered a variety of services to it's customers. They served as a payment center for Mountain Bell, bus depot for Continental Trailways, and information center about community events.


In 1962, the Smiths bought the Luncheonette Cafe next door to the drug store. The fountain was removed and the store was widened to its current size.

When Harvey and Don were ready to retire, Harvey's son, Craig and David Faux became partners in the business.


Dave started working in 1959. On his way home to Moroni after graduating from ISU Pharmacy School, he stopped at the store to inquire about a job. Roy hired Dave "on the spot" while his wife, Dora, and children were out waiting in the car. Dora later worked at the store.

Picture of Harvey and Don Leroy Smith
Smith Drug renovation and expansion in 1962.
Picture of Crain and Linda Smith, and Dave and Dora Faux

Craig H. Smith, Harvey’s son, kept the tradition alive and thriving for over 25 years.


He began working at the soda fountain when he was in high school and then regularly after he graduated. He was a solid, honest, intelligent businessman who loved the community of Pleasant Grove.

Upon his retirement, he passed the tradition onto his children, Kristine, Doug and pharmacist Christopher Cox.


Kristine Pence and Doug Smith along with Christopher Cox run the drugstore as a team. “We are proud of the traditions that started the store over 85 years ago. We are small enough to provide personal attention to patients, yet we have all the modern technology that allows us to offer you state-of-the-art service."

Although the store has largely been a family operation, it would not be what it is today without the employees who have been like family over the years. As the store continues to expand and grow the number of employees has grown also.


Our staff pharmacists include, Christopher Cox, PharmD, Logan Day, PharmD, and Shay Bingham, PharmD.


Our staff pharmacy technicians include: Kristine Pence, Doug Smith, Melissa Tonga, April Curtis, Madison Stanley, Shauna Lindo, Missy Murphy, Bryce Thompson, Dominic Pasquale, Caecee Laycock, Cierra Hadlock, Preston Hadlock, Marlene Box,


Pharmacy Clerks: Robyn Neves, Sarah Wright, Diane Poulson, Megan Black, Eryn Stafford, Liz Rowley, Kaitlin Staufflebeam, Taylor Hadlock, Gretchen Owens


Pharmacy Students: Logan Spence, Debbie Beckstrom


Delivery Persons: Carrie Smith, Clark Esteban, Brandon Stanley



Pharmacists in Roy's time mixed and compounded ingredients to fill prescriptions, but as modern technology began to sweep America most drugs could be purchased in prepared form.


Today, Smith Drug is again compounding many specialty medications for patients. This allows a physician to work with your pharmacist customizing your medication for you specifically.


The drugstore is known for its personalized service, including prescription delivery, gift-wrapping, and unique gifts. Yankee Candle, Enesco puzzles, balloon bouquets, and an incredible selection of greeting cards provide a great selection for the gift for any occasion.

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