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It’s not just for cabinetry, homes and fashion.

With the help of Smith Rexall Drug, it’s for you— and your pet's medications too.

Every patient can get custom-made prescriptions for:

Behind the glass inside Smith Rexall’s newly remodeled store, technicians compound independently lab- tested medications for patients with exclusive medical needs or who want flexibility and versatility with their prescriptions. Because not all patients are similar, standard prescriptions and over-the-counter medications do not always fully meet a patient’s needs.

Compounding is the solution for those who need or want:

Doctors in any field of medicine can prescribe medication for a patient in the form of:

Compounding uses the latest pharmaceutical knowledge and requires specialized training as well as state-of-the-art equipment. Most pharmacies are not equipped to handle the requirements for this type of technology. Let us show you how we can meet your health needs. Working with your doctor, your medications can be customized to be right for you as and individual patient. The "one-size fits all" slogan does not always work in medicine. We are dedicated problem-solving pharmaceutical specialists who have been serving the health and medical needs. Simply, it is when a pharmacist creates one-of-a-kind medications based on the unique needs of a patient as ordered by a health care provider. A compounding pharmacist often prepares medications unavailable in a particular form or strength and must be compounded from the raw chemicals. Unlike manufactured medications where there are only a few different dosage strengths and forms, compounding allows for endless options. With compounding, dosages can be adjusted to meet the individual patient's needs, which is especially valuable in treating geriatric, pediatric or veterinary patients. Compounding can also eliminate unwanted ingredients such as dyes, sugar and preservatives.